Monday, October 3, 2011

Why read book reviews?

Sometimes I go to the library with the sole intention of browsing the aisles until the perfect read jumps out at me. Yet other times I have less than ten minutes to grab a book and an hour long subway ride ahead of me - and I desperately wish I knew that the book I was grabbing off the shelf would entertain me for at least that long. Most book reviews and most book reviews websites concentrate on glowing positive reviews that are of no help when it comes to actually choosing a book that will monopolize your precious free time. I want to provide the world with reviews that will actually make them realize, before they even crack open the book, whether it's for them.

I will describe the plot and feel of the books in short concise paragraphs. I'm not here to tear apart the book or criticize specific elements - this blog will serve exclusively to give you a feel of the book. My multi-rating system caters to several different reasons why people pick up books. I will rate each book on the amount of

  • knowledge that could be garnered (1 - absolutely nothing could be learned, 10 - it's a veritable goldmine of new facts and trivia),
  • need to pay attention (1 - book is easy to read, something for the beach, 10 - a more dense and complicated creation, requires more attention),
  • emotional connection to the characters or situations (1 - the book doesn't focus on the emotional, 10 - feeling connected to the characters as if they were old friends),
  • unquantifiable satisfaction - that part of reading where you finish the book, put it aside, and feel either satisfaction or disappointment without knowing what elements brought this feeling about (1 - the feeling of time wasted, 10 - the feeling of time well-spent)
  • and the overall rating, which focuses on how the book worked overall, taking all elements into the account (1 - a not particularly enjoyable read, 10 - a most brilliant maserpiece). I will rarely assign 10s to any category, leaving them to books that truly wow. Anything above a 5 should be considered a worthwhile read, whereas anything under a 5 is not recommended by me.


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