Tuesday, October 11, 2011

After the Fall by Kylie Ladd

Reading time
: 4 hours
New knowledge 1/10
Need to pay attention 2/10
Emotional connection 6/10
Unquantifiable satisfaction 4/10
Overall 4/10

This supposed psychological drama has a solid premise - the book is told in four narratives which are clearly labeled by each person's name and given equal time on a rotating schedule throughout the book. The story told involves two married couples - how they meet each other, the circumstances of each wedding, the minutia of each relationship as well as the tensions that begin rising between all four characters when an affair is introduced into the mix. 

While the premise is solid, the execution disappoints. The story becomes slightly sordid and tawdry towards the end, failing to deliver a satisfying ending. However, the subject matter is never light and the characters are there for you to root for and relate to. The book is very easy to read and has emotional appeal. I'd wager that the target audience for this one is primarily those who enjoy overanalyzing relationships.


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