Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If you ask me by Betty White

Reading time: 1 hour
New knowledge 3/10
Need to pay attention 3/10
Emotional connection 5/10
Unquantifiable satisfaction 5/10
Overall 6/10

Betty White has written several books already, about her life, acting roles, and marriage. This latest book is more of a status update to let us know that she's ok than a full blown memoir. She offers us a candid look at the last few years of her life, from doing Saturday Night Live to starting a new show at the tender age of 88. She peppers the pages with her witty observations about life as well as tidbits of wisdom coming from a 90-year old soul. 

Even for someone who has never seen Betty White in anything besides SNL and didn't know the first thing about her life, this was a fun read. I expected it to be a funny book, and it mostly was. I think there's a certain expectation that not everyone reading it will be familiar with Betty White's life, as she's gained a new following in people who watch Hot in Cleveland and have no idea what The Mary Tyler Moore Show was. 

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